Friday, June 24, 2011

Videos i've worked on! in the last couple of months

Final famous come out this Tuesday. I will be going out and buy 2 copies of it. One for me and one for my little sister who always ends up stealing every cd I have. Big Sean is a very humble dude. I wish him the best of luck. Kind of a funny back story on this just as we are about to do the interview Peter tells me to get everything ready. The day of i bought a new piece for my camera caz i hated having to hold the wireless mic while filming with my new sony a55. I put everything in my amazing backpack the day of. (if your ever looking to buy a backpack buy a swizz the most amazing backpack ever) Well as im getting everything together for the intervier my dumb ass forgets to put the damn mic in my backpack. Lucky, i had a recorder in my backpack that i wanted to hook up to the boards to get the audio to shoot mini performance videos. So i had Pete record the whole interview on that. So then i took the audio from the recorder and matched it with the video and this is what you got not bad right. Always think on your feet!!!! All shot and edited by me.

This was early in the day before seeing Big Sean at the Wiz Khalifa show. All shot and edited by me.

Could be one of my favorite videos i have edited. A lot of long nights and thinking went into this. This is shot by Tramon (@sotaboy24), Greg (@gcole29) and myself. This day was very crazy day. At one point in the day i lost my voice from yelling at the kids to get back. Very hot day great event and a lot of fun. Big Time Rush has some crazy ass fans girls that will stand on the corner to meet them with a sign that says honk if you think i should meet BTR for 4 hours, to fans that will go HAM on facebook, to fans that will walk around Mall of America for 9 hours with t shirt promoting 96.3 NOW and a whole lot more.

This is the third video I've shot with Mike Dreams. I shot this in one day and then went to shoot another video that night for "best thing flowing" by Untamed Youth coming soon.

I was standing next to Mac Miller, Brother Ali, Rocka,and Evidence. During De La Soul performance at Soundset. It was super cool just to see the vibe of everyone. De La Soul killed.All shot and edited by me

EV Is the man. Dude is always cool everytime I see him and always remembers me. Which tells also about a person. All shot and edited by me.

All i have to say about this one is Crystal is one of the greatest mangers ever! She is Joe Budden Manger and one of the coolest people.All shot and edited by me

Soundset 2011was amazing. I look forward to it every year. Its amazing to see how far its come from the very first one. One soundset memory ill never forget is, The friday before sound set 2009 slug came into what was then B96 and freestyled for about 10 min. That is one day in my life that i can truely changed my life forever. Very Long Back story one day ill break it down but for now enjoy that royce interview. All shot and edited by me

Short recap of Fashion NOW. Which i did the video intro for and exit video. Which reminds me I gotta upload those intros. Shot by Greg (@gcole29), Tramon (@sotaboy24) and a little by me. the video below is the full performance of auburn preforming "La La La"

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